Food Allergies Resources

According to Allergies Québec, 300,000 Quebecers live with food allergies, including 40,000 students attending a primary school. For many people, including staff in school, allergies are a concern. The site of Allergies Québec is a good reference on this subject.

These ten main allergens alone account for 90% of allergic reactions:

Eggs Peanuts
Fish and Seafood Sesame
Milk Soy
Mustard Sulfite (rather associated with sensitivity)
Nuts Wheat

The best way to deal with food allergies is to focus on the trio awareness-intervention-prevention. You can download the Fact Sheet : ABC of food allergies and know the individualized anaphylaxis intervention plan for your school.

For its members, the Association also suggests two non-allergen activity cards to be produced with the students:

An allergen-free banana ice cream recipe
A recipe for allergen-free modeling clay

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